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Roof Repair in Tampa Bay

CB Roofing Will Repair Your Roof

A roof’s main job is to keep the elements out, so when your roof leaks it’s a sure sign you’re in need of a roof repair. Call CB Roofing at 813-796-5838 about your roof repair today.

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Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

If shingles are falling off of your roof, that’s a good sign you need roof repair but are there other indicators that mean you should call a roofing company like CB? The following are signs you need to call a roofing professional today.

  • Leaky or stained ceilings: There can be many signs that your roof is in need of repair but a leaky roof is a huge sign that you need professional roof services. The roof is meant to keep rain out of your house and the last thing you want to worry about when a storm comes is lining up buckets and pots in the appropriate leaky places. Anytime there’s a leak, it’s time to call a roofing professional.
  • Sagging: This can be the result of shoddy materials or bad design and it often indicates some kind of water damage. Regardless of why your roof is sagging, any signs of a drooping roof are a good reason to call a roofing professional.
  • Cracks and holes: Not only can these cause your roof or ceiling to leak, it can also provide a great home for mold and mildew. Anytime you spot a crack or hole in your roofing it’s time to call in a professional roofer.

Trust CB Roofing With Your Roof Repairs

When you have a leaky, sagging or damaged roof in Tampa Bay there’s no reason to let it get worse. Call CB Roofing Construction at 813-796-5838 or contact us today to learn more about how we can repair and restore your home’s roof.

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