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Valrico FL Roofing Services

If you're looking for roof repair and replacement or you need your gutters repaired or replaced, there's no one better to call than CB Roofing Construction. We've proudly served Valrico, FL and the surrounding areas for over a decade!

We offer the best quality roofing and gutters to take care of your home or building. Check out what your neighbors say about us and our roofing and gutter services in Valrico, FL.

How do I choose a reliable roofer near Valrico?

Asking your neighbors or Homeowner Association (HOA) for recommendations is the first step in hiring a roofer. You should also look up your state's roofing contractor standards and directories, as well as research and read reviews. Then, arrange consultations with two or three area roofers. Compare bids and negotiate the final price after checking references, reviews and credentials. 

How much does it cost to reroof a house in Valrico?

The average cost of installing a new roof in the United States is $7,200, with most homeowners spending between $4,700 and $10,500. The cost of reroofing depends on the materials chosen, the size of the roof, and the location of the home.

How much should I pay for roof repair near Valrico?

The key to roof repairs is catching the problem early. Repair your roof as soon as you see evidence of a leak or damage to keep your family safe and dry. Roof repair expenses range from $364 to $1,556, with a $949 average. Roof repair prices are mostly made up of labor and materials, but the design of the roof and the amount of damage will also impact the price.

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